English Test

We have asked a reputed language school in Sydney Australia to set up an English test for us. This test will allow you to have an idea of your level of English and help us advise you better on your course options.

Objectives of the test
Be aware that this test will be a guide rather than a reference since the results of this test won’t be as accurate as a normal assessment test: in our test, your speaking and writing skills are not taken into account.
This test insists on your listening and grammar skills that are an important factor if you wish to study in Australia.
Composition of the test
You will start with a listening test and then you will have 3 grammar tests.
You have to complete all the tests before you can receive your results. Just click on “continue” till you complete all parts. Then you will have 3 options:
- Consult your results sent to your email address: recommended before you do anything else!
- Identify your errors
- Start the test again.

How to start your test
Thanks for not using any dictionary. Try to be honest with yourself!!
To start with the test, please fill in the fields below. Your results will be sent to your email address. If you enter a wrong email address, you won't receive any results!

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